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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Public Adjusters are experts on loss adjustments who you can employ to assist you in preparing, filing and adjusting fire, business interruption and Allied claim adjustments.

Are you in any way connected with insurance companies?

Public Adjusters are engaged exclusively by you, the policyholder, and not the insurance companies.

Will the insurance company recognize you as my representative?

Yes. Most companies actually prefer to work with an experienced claimant. It is to the best interests of all concerned that a fair and prompt settlement be made.

What will you do for me?

Advise and assist in the preparation of inventories, estimates, and the factual proofs of loss. Handle all the necessary details for compiling and filing claims, as required by your insurance company and/or their representative, and handle everything essential to a proper and satisfactory adjustment of your claim.

How can you serve me better than the insurance company adjuster or independent


The insurance company adjuster or independent adjuster is employed exclusively by the insurance company and must try to strike a balance between your interest and those of the insurance company. Public Adjusters are working for your best interest exclusively.

Will my insurance agent or broker take care of and adjust my claim?

The agent or broker serves you at all times in connection with your insurance coverages. They generally do not have the time, training, license, or facilities to render the highly specialized service of insurance adjusting and inventory documentation.

Can't I prepare a claim of my own property better than you?

No. It stands to reason the Public Adjusters who professionally handle and prepare claims every day, can do it more completely and efficiently than the average insured, who may only have one loss in the lifetime.

Will you take care of any claims other than fire ?

Yes. Public Adjusters will assist you in any claims of loss against any insurance company under the fire coverage and Allied lines. These include windstorm, explosion, snow, hail, motor vehicle damage losses, even rain, use and occupancy, rentals, improvements and betterment, commission and profit, report forms and other.

How can you assist me?

In settling your claim, the insurance company will cover you only in accordance with the terms of your policy. It is up to you to prove your loss. And there may be many questions as to how the policy stipulations could or should be applied in different circumstances. Public Adjusters are your experts when such questions arise. The public adjusters years of experience and specialized knowledge make it possible for you to receive the maximum amount to which you may be entitled on your insurance policy area. The Public Adjuster's professional help relieve you of the work worry an enormous amount of time-consuming detail and filing a claim, and thereby allows you to devote your time and effort to your family business or other activities.

Why should I engage you to obtain what is rightfully due me?

Do you really know what is rightfully due you? A Public Adjuster does. Public Adjusters are your representative exclusively. With the Public Adjuster's experience and knowledge, they are far more capable of bringing about a favorable and satisfactory adjustment.